Vested quarters out to destroy democracy: PM

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Published: 12/18/2022 5:16:08 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said vested quarters are out there to destroy the country’s democracy only for their personal gains.

“They (vested quarters) are repeatedly claiming that there is no democracy in the country, those who are saying this get some attention during emergency and military regimes, they are trying to destroy the country’s democratic system for their personal gains,” she said.

The PM made the remarks while delivering her introductory speech at the AL National Committee, comprising of presidents and secretaries of 78 organising districts and central AL committee members, at her official residence Ganabhaban.

She claimed that there is no one who could uphold the democratic rights of the people except AL.

“Let me ask them, where is the dearth of democracy,” she said.

Hasina, also the ruling AL chief, said that these vested quarters think that vote rigging, terrorism and militancy, which were very much normal during BNP-Jamaat regime, are the synonyms of democracy.

“I believe that the power of the people is the biggest strength; trust and confidence of the people are the biggest strength,” she said.

She said that as AL has been in power for 14 years and democratic process continues in the country Bangladesh has achieved tremendous development and is acclaimed as a role model of development in the world.

“I do not know those who are searching for democracy must be using binoculars in their eyes, let me ask them one question, where was the democracy in the country except three and half years of the Father of the Nation and other years under AL regime,” she asked.

She mentioned that all powers were kept prisoned in the cantonment during the regimes of Ziaur Rahman, HM Ershad and Khaleda Zia.

“The country was ruled from cantonment, then where was the democracy or the power of the people,” she questioned.

The Prime Minister said that the country has been able to advance massively as the government is running it with the spirit of the Liberation War.

“Bangladesh, which was indulged in terrorism, famine, corruption, and a country of mischief, that country is now turned into the country of democracy and development,” she said.

She mentioned that the AL government has been able to bring these massive changes as it is in power for 14 years continuously.

“People of the country get positive changes whenever AL comes to power,” she said.

Hasina said that her party always believes in justice.

“Zia had established the culture of lawlessness in the country, we got rid of that and established the culture of justice,” she said.



Source: UNB 

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